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Hey my first LJ review!

So I read the Watchmen graphic novel that a friend gave me. Excellent story... something completely different compared to the comics I was reading in the early 80s which was mostly DC comics. It synthesized the cold war fears of the 50s, 60s and 70s with superhero comics in a way that probably resonated with the readers of the 80s. But this being 2008... I also felt that the story was invalidated by the historic events since the story was first published. The Berlin Wall fell, Soviet Union fell, the nuclear countdown has been turned back. Some of the impetus behind certain character's motivations just didn't seem as palatable. The storytelling is great unto itself. As an alternate history it works really well, logical extrapolations of what could have been. The most intriguing part are the characters, the various masked adventurers. We only get a glimpse of their stories, of whats happened over the years in their careers.


New costume in the works

Arisia is in 5 months... I must make a costume for the masquerade show... hmmmmm... something so totally awesome that it would exceed it's own awesomeness.... Ah HA! skadoosh!


SHE WON $250 for most Viral!!!  Way to go Olivia!
My daughter, Olivia, has posted a picture of her scar from her surgery when she had bone cancer 7 years ago. She could win $500. Please vote!



Professor Snape made an appearance at the 2008 Arisia Masquerade.


It's only 3 weeks away... I'm working on a costume for the convention... maybe even show it in the Masquerade. Well back to cutting my fabric.

Navy days

One of the sailors that worked for me contacted me last week. A bunch of them have a yahoo group. I worked in the Operations dept on the USS Independence (CV-62) from 88-91 and I was the OI Asst. Division Officer. The Operation Specialists (OS) who worked in OI division handled ship navigation via electronic means, operated the various radar scopes to track ships and aircraft, directed aircraft to intercept ships and aircraft. As a LTjg I stood watches on the bridge and in the Combat Direction Center (CIC on smaller ships) and worked with these sailors on a daily basis. This group is mostly guys from when the ship was in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to San Diego and the Westpac cruise to the Indian Ocean and Desert Shield in the Persian Gulf.

My first post

So what the heck... here is my first post on LJ... i've joined the LJ community... I probably won't be a prolific blogger but I may have some things to say every once in a while... maybe it will be a lot easier than emailing individual people about what me and my family are up to.